Track IR 5

November 4th, 2010

TrackIR 5 & TrackClip Pro Bundle 3 times the resolution of TrackIR 4 Larger field of view New image processing design for more accurate, smoother tracking Improved sunlight filtering Detachable base to improve durability Completely new software with more options, and a much more user friendly interface (software will work with TrackIR 3 with Vector, TrackIR 4, and TrackIR 5)

Technical Support Questions

November 4th, 2010

X-Plane Scenery

November 4th, 2010


Mission Statement:

The aim of this site is to provide help and support for our range of X-Plane related products and to listen to our customer’s comments and suggestions about them with a view to providing the best VFR experience of flying in the UK that it is possible to experience within X-Plane 9.60 and X-Plane 10.

X-Plane UK Photo Scenery for X-Plane 9 and 10

Most pilots like to sight-see, with this new photographic scenery you can, it’s like looking out of a real aircraft window. From only 500 feet height, this scenery looks real. The vista is made up from photographs taken from 8000 feet. The resolution is 1 metre per pixel and the whole blanket of scenery is draped over a 10 metre mesh. The result is stunning! X-Plane generates cloud shadow and water reflections. Unlike other photo sceneries with some other simulations, this scenery is clear and sharp right into the distance. It doesn’t get blurry when you travel fast at low level and it works on both PCs and Macs. Real pilots may want to use this to hone VFR navigation skills or “visit” an area prior to flying there.

X-Plane Scenery, England and Wales cover the whole area up to the border of Scotland.

The areas are:

Volume 1: South East and Southern England to just west of the Isle of Wight.

Volume 2: South West and South Wales to just North of Bristol.

Volume 3: North Wales, North West England and West Midlands, up to the Border of Scotland.

Volume 4: East Midlands and North East England up to the Border of Scotland.

X-Plane UK Photo Scenery for X-Plane 9 and 10 is a must buy for the British virtual pilot and anyone who would like to explore these stunning islands.

It is intended that these detailed photo sceneries, will herald the birth of a range of scenery products such as airports and 3D object collections. The photo sceneries and the subsequent expansions will generate the most authentic visual experience of flying in the beautiful United Kingdom possible. X-Plane Scenery, England and Wales Vol