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Thursday, November 4th, 2010

R C Simulations Newsletter

So we  have reach the end of 2010 it is interesting to appraise the last year and to look forward with fascination to 2011. Over the last year it has become pretty obvious that the demise of Microsoft’s Aces team has not meant the demise of flight simulation as a hobby. Thanks mainly to having sufficient time to fully develop their third party add-on products, many developers have excelled in the quality of their offerings. Take for instance, Horizon’s Generation X Vol. 2 Photo Scenery for FSX. We now have the Western Isles and also the Shetlands and Orkney’s. These are provided at an unprecedented 60 cm resolution. Over the next year, we can expect to see the rest of Scotland.

R C simulations have completed the Squirrel Helicopter trainer projects at RAF Shawbury and their scenery has recently been upgraded to extend the 3D objects from 10 miles to 25 miles radius. ALL objects which might be used for visual navigation are included right down to the very tiniest ones.

You can dramatically improve your own England and Wales scenery with “Treescapes”. For around £40 you can add 100’s of thousands if not millions of trees to your UK Photo scenery. The interest and variety this adds is staggering.

Some of you will be aware of VoxATC X and many of you will currently be users. For those not in the know, VoxATC X is a voice recognition based method of conversing with Air Traffic Control. You can have a virtual First Officer do the radio for you wish. It changes phraseology when you cross the Atlantic and with the UK enhancement is great for the real world private pilot or student to hone their RT skills. VoxATC even generates its own AI traffic.  Good though version 5 is, VoxATC 6 DVD will set a new standard for this type of program that its competitors can only dream about.

If you have the Flight Sim Commander add-on, you can create your flight plan to include a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and also a Standard Instrument Arrival (STAR). Provided that you use the same data with VoxATC 6, you will be monitored during both the SID and STAR and corrected if you deviate from them during your flight. VoxATC controllers will use the correct names for the procedures, Navigation aids and airways fixes.  VoxATC will renumber your runways to take into account magnetic deviation to match your Navigraph AERAC data exactly, this is unique to VoxATC . Helicopter fans will also be pleased to find that features have be added so that they can operate in a more authentic way. The four AT&T voices are being upgraded to be fully compatible with 64 bit operating systems as well as 32 bit. In addition to these voices, an open source voice engine called Festival will provide numerous additional and ethnic voices to add interest and authenticity for those with 64 bit systems and sufficient RAM. The UK enhancement is also getting a revamp. Great care has been taken to ensure compatibility with add-on traffic packs, third party aircraft and most popular flight planners. VoxATC 6 costs £89.95 and includes the basic version 6 program, improved UK enhancement plus four AT&T voices compatible with both 32 and 64bit. Existing VoxATC X UK DVD users will be able to upgrade for half price. 

For the last year, we have seen the refining the Cadet Range of controls. We simply want to sell the best controls that it is possible to buy for both helicopter and fixed wing control. The range uses mainly stainless steel in its construction and the best quality components throughout. Cadet Controls are designed by real engineers and manufactured in a robotics factory. Cadets come with a 5 year warranty and are the controls of choice for Air Training Cadet Units and Users who wish to use FSX with the Dodosim Bell 206 simulator of either fun or real world training. Cadet controls can be even be supplied with an optional Spitfire grip. Future improvements should include an actual trim for the aircraft controls and even an optional force release trim button and mechanism for helicopters. We can even provide a mounting board and a custom seat.

I have always thought that X-Plane 9.0 had the potential to beat Microsoft Flight Simulator X if it had a bit more polish, development and third party support.  Around February or March 2010 we can expect to experience X-Plane 10 and from what I have seen, this may well be the Microsoft FSX beater. X-Plane 10 will feature all new aircraft, upgraded worldwide scenery and an upgraded AI aircraft and ATC system plus better tools for scenery design.

R C Simulations have just published photographic scenery for England and Wales for X-Plane 9 and 10. This has been created by Horizon Simulations using the data sourced from GetMapping and Intermap. It has high definition data at 1 metre per pixel and with a 10 metre height database. The overall result looks much sharper and clearer than similar photo-scenery in FSX. You can see the results at
Items to look out for:
Treescapes UK for FSX

Bob, Carol,
RC Simulations

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