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4.4. How should religious life be practiced?

Monday, July 11th, 2022

4.4. How should religious life be practiced?

The following excerpt comes from an elaborate accusation of deicide that begins as follows and concludes, “ You dashed the Lord to the ground; you, too, were dashed to the ground, and lie quite dead. ”

72 This one was murdered. And where was he murdered? In the very center of Jerusalem! Why? Because he had healed their lame, and had cleansed their lepers, and had guided their blind with light, and had raised up their dead. For this reason he suffered. Somewhere it has been written in the law and prophets, “ They paid me back evil for good , and my soul with barrenness” (Psalm ), “plotting evil against me” (Psalm 34:4; 40:8), saying, “Let us bind this just man because he is troublesome to us” (Isaiah 3:10 LXX).

73 Why, O Israel did you do this strange injustice ? You dishonored the one who had honored you. (more…)