Cadet Range Now available from £1530.89

Cadet Basic Helicopter SetReal Start ThrottleCadet Spitfire

Cadet controls set a whole new standard in joysticks for controlling helicopters and fixed wing. The whole range has been designed to fulfil the desires of those virtual pilots who really want their flight simulator experience to be “as real as it gets”. The main construction material in the Cadet range is stainless steel. This should offer a lifetime of service. The interface between the computer and the Cadet controller is 12bit and the custom potentiometers are rated at two million operations. During the design stage it was considered that metal springs didn’t give “the rubbery feel of the air” as an experienced aerobatic pilot described the feel of a real aircrafts joystick so we made custom rubber moulded “springs” to give the Cadets just that. The handle grip is not a cheap and sometimes not so cheerful part but is in fact a real aircraft grip called “Infinity”. The base of the Long Shaft has a leather boot, much like a luxury cars joystick. Cadet controls are available as a helicopter set, cyclic, collective  and anti torque pedals or as an aircraft set comprising of a long shaft joystick, throttle quadrant and pedals. Cadet controls have a 5 year warranty. If cost is not your only consideration, why would you want anything less?

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